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"motivation and execution are where many of our goals falter"
Technology & Fitness

There are a lot of high-tech solutions out there promising to vault your fitness. The Mirror, Tonal,  Smart Gym, Peloton, Tempo, Interactive Rowing to name just a few.  They come at a significant cost, somewhere in the range of $1,500 – $3,000.  Add to that a monthly subscription and the price tag is approaching a monthly car payment. I have no doubt they are highly effective tools to elevate your fitness.  I would argue that they are probably most effective for those who are already exercising several hours per week. Aside from the cost, you need to carve out huge swaths of time to achieve maximum effectiveness from these tools.

One thing they share is real-time group sessions or live, interactive feedback.  The aim is to motivate you to push yourself to your limits.  As with many goals, motivation and execution are where many of our goals falter.  One way to overcome this failure is to break your goal into smaller manageable units.  It is much easier to commit to 5 minutes than 1 hour.  To devote an hour to your fitness, you must find somewhere to fit it into your day. 

Shameless self-promotion – 5-Minute Fitness routines can be dropped into any 5-minute slack time interval throughout your day, no matter where you are.  No equipment necessary. Heck, if you’re not self-conscious, you could perform them while waiting in line someplace. It has the added benefit of assuring social distancing during COVID-19.

The reality is if you’re goal to is to be at peak athletic performance, those machines are sure to help maximize the hours you spend working out.  For the rest, dedicating 15 minutes per day will aid in assuring a healthy, pain-free existence; reduce your risk of injury; keep you energized during the day and looking forward to the next mini workout. It’s motivation in small chunks. You have nothing to lose by trying it for yourself; zero cost, no equipment, just 15 minutes, 3 times during the week.

If you fortunate enough to own one of the high-tech solutions, dedicating that extra 15 minutes will likely move your closer to your full potential while using them.

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