Strength, Power & Endurance

"should you be concentrating your efforts towards strength"

strength/endurance spectrum

How strong do you need to be?  Well that depends.  Are you an NFL lineman, or a long-distance marathoner?  Most people confuse strength and power. Power is your ability to release your nascent strength over a specific time. Think of your strength as if it were water in a bucket.  If you’re an NFL lineman, you have to dump that bucket upside down and release every drop of energy very quickly.  If you’re a marathoner, you have to crack the spigot on the bucket and let it slowly stream out so it will last hours.

 Knowing where you want to be on this strength/endurance spectrum will have a huge impact on how you train. On one end is raw muscular strength and on the opposite end is muscular endurance.  Anaerobic versus Aerobic

The strength spectrum has nothing to do with how hard you train, but it has everything to do with the methods and techniques you use to train.  Should you have equal parts of strength and endurance training, or should you focus your efforts more towards one end of the spectrum or the other.


Let’s focus on just one aspect of your workout routine. How can you adjust a strength or resistance training (weight-lifting) routine to fit your needs? If you are looking for raw power, you should train with heavy weights and low reps.  You will have at least one day where you are lifting 90% of your One Rep Maximum (1RM) for 3-5 reps.  However if you are training for muscular endurance, you could do a circuit program where you are lifting 60% of your 1RM for 12-15 reps per set and moving from one exercise to the next with minimal rest between sets. 

where you need no be

You can accomplish great things, but it really starts with an honest assessment of where you start. Set realistic goals then assess where you want to be on Strength/Endurance Spectrum. Determine where you should be concentrating your efforts; toward the strength or endurance end of the spectrum.  Knowing this in advance this will help you pick the proper types of exercises and workout routines to accomplish your goal.  If you do not have a specific sport or activity you are training for, balance is the order of the day.

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