Morbidity versus Mortality

"It’s health span versus lifespan; a quality-of-life issue"
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Mortality is how long you’ll live; morbidity is how well you will live till you reach the end. Morbidity is all those diseases, illnesses and physical ailments that eventually lead to our deaths. You can reduce your odds of a protracted length of morbidity before your mortality. It’s health span versus lifespan; a quality-of-life issue. How long you live versus how well you live. If you define how “well” you live as remaining active and vibrant till the day you die, then incorporating a few minutes a day of vigorous exercise will better your chances of staying active right up to your death.

Health Span versus Lifespan

Everyone seems so focused on increasing their lifespan with little thought to their health span. To illustrate the point, I present you the following thought experiment: If I told you, starting today, you could live 10 years longer by laying in a bed hooked up to tubes with little physical activity other than getting up to wash and  go to the bathroom, or you could live only 5 years, very active, doing all the things you love to do until weeks before your demise, which option would you choose.

As for me, hands down I would choose option two. That’s me. I equate living to being physically active. If you’re the type that goes on vacation to lay on the beach and soak in the rays, have them bring a sunlamp next to your bed in your final years and you’ll be fine. I’d much rather go while doing something I love to do.

Senescence & Sarcopenia

Senescence is the natural, biological process of aging. There is nothing we can do currently that will prevent the process of aging. Part of that process is sarcopenia which is the cumulative deterioration of your muscle mass. Numerous studies have demonstrated that you can dramatically impact the rate of sarcopenia decline by remaining active.  How much and how intense the activity remains an open question.


It’s mandatory to grow old, it’s optional to grow up

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