Put you on a path toward personal excellence and provide the tools for your success.  


Fitness is the currency to pay for the things you want to do. Be fit enough to enjoy the life you want. Staying fit empowers you to pursue anything your mind conjures.

Effective Dose

15 minutes per day, 5 times per week. They are hard minutes, but effort breeds results.   


Just an everyday hacker and nerd out about everything fitness. It stems from deep-seated insecurity.  I’ve certified as an EMT, Wilderness First Aid Responder, and Personal Trainer. . . it’s been an endeavor to elevate my performance and be able to help to others in need. 

This is a culmination and aggregation of years invested in being the best version of me. I hope it serves to have you avoid the BIG mistakes I’ve made, and punctuate that the small things I did that vaulted my performance. Slow & steady wins the race.

Conventional Wisdom

Science supports that resistance training is the key to aging gracefully. Conventional wisdom states the bench-press, squat and deadlifts with heavy weights are the keystones to strength. It’s true as long as you don’t screw up on one rep of a thousand lifts. Otherwise you’ll become friends with your orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist. 

You can derive 80% of the benefit of heavy resistance training, at a fraction of the weight and little chance of injury.  

Any desk jockeys reading, don’t be scared off. Most of what I’ve learned is motivated by the fear of the physical regression from sitting behind a computer screen for thirty years. 

Strength and power may be king, but flexibility and agility are the queen. 

“behind every great man, stands a woman” – Meryll Frost 

About Me

I’m 63 years old and enjoy testing my limits. I dabble in ultralight flying, whitewater rafting, SCUBA, & go-karting.

Rarely does a week  go by where I don’t walk my dogs 15+ miles, kayak, bike, hike, and participate in martial arts. I like being active and  being capable of doing what I enjoy.

I strive to be a “brown belt” in my endeavors and prone to boredom. So I go on to the next thing. Staying fit has afforded me that luxury. Luxury has a tax; dedication & execution.

My Personal Goal

Stay strong and fit so I can continue to do whatever strikes my fancy. Help at least one other person on that path. Donate 25% of my net revenues to the Christopher Reeves Foundation. A tribute to someone who enjoyed life and gave back many times more during his adversity.

      – Cheers to being the best version of you!