Components of Fitness

"address each of the components in your overall fitness routine"

Fitness is broken down into two broad categories: Body Related and Performance Related.

No matter who you are or what you what to accomplish, you can’t ignore the components of fitness. Every doctor, physical therapist, personal trainer or coach will assess you on based on these criteria.  All the measurements they take determine where you rank in a particular component. You can do the same thing.

Design an exercise program that incorporates each of the ten components of fitness. You don’t have to incorporate all the elements in each workout, just be aware you have to address all the components for fitness in some manner to achieve excellence.

You can focus on one area in each workout or spread them out over the course of your entire plan. You do need to hit each part at some point. Ignoring any of the elements, will lead to fundamental weakness  in your overall fitness and the likelihood of injury increases dramatically.

A thorough, honest evaluation of your current condition in each of the components of fitness will yield  immeasurable long-term results.  Take stock and determine your existing state of fitness. The 15 minutes you spend now will guarantee your success.

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