The BlueprInt

one week to see results

The Secret Sauce

Schedule 5 minute sessions in the morning, before lunch and after work. Put it in your calendar.

The Prelim

Arrive at work early and walk 5 flights of stairs two or three at a time. If you don’t have stairs walk around the block five times.. Want a challenge, walk it backwards. 

The Workout

Here’s how it works for me. My AM session actually takes 7 minutes. 


5 circuits of 10 reps per
  • pushups
  • prisoner  squats
  • flex tubing lat pulldowns
  • crunches


Loosen up, 30 second intervals x2
  • toe touches
  • bird dogs
  • high arm lunches
  • fire hydrants


Prime the pump 
  • Horse stance
  • Wrist rollers
  • Plank – 2 minutes
  • Shake it all out